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The 3rd International Suzuki Teacher Trainers Convention in Matsumoto(2023)

The 3rd International Suzuki Teacher Trainers Convention

in Matsumoto(2023)

13th~15th October,2023

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Oct 8,2023   |   Wi-Fi connection and Electricity plug  
Oct 7,2023   |   Program and Documents are being posted.  
July 14,2023   |  Acceptance of Additional Registrations and Change in Cancellation Policy 
May 22,2023 |   Lunch on Oct 18th added to “Package B”  
May 1,2023   |  Registration is now open. 
April 6,2023  |   Several contents were revised due to mistake and policy change. 
April 1,2023   |  The 3rd International Suzuki Teacher Trainers Convention Website for participants from abroad is now open 
Outline of Events

Dear SUZUKI Teacher Trainers,

It is already 3 years since we had a fruitful meeting in Madrid. It is our great pleasure to welcome worldwide SUZUKI teacher trainers on 13th -15th October ,2023 in Matsumoto.
Every time I visit Suzuki Method in each region, I always feel precious efforts and passion of SUZUKI members which contributed not only to the worldwide spread but also to the penetration into the life and cultures of each region.
I sincerely hope that hosting our convention in Matsumoto, the birthplace of Suzuki Method, would be the best chance to share our development and once again to return to "the origin of SUZUKI". I expect many worldwide teacher trainers will participate in this convention, and TERI members are very much looking forward to exciting time through the interaction with all of you.

Akira Nakajima,Chairman of the committee of 3rd International Suzuki Teacher Trainers Convention
  • Main Theme
    - SUZUKI Teacher International Credentials
    - Graduation System
  • Sub Theme
    - Teaching Beginners & Suzuki principles
    - Mentoring of Suzuki teachers
  • Date
    13th~15th October, 2023
  • Venue
    Matsumoto Performing Arts Centre
Following the Teacher Trainer Convention, the annual TERI teacher conference will be held on October 16th-18th. TERI teachers are looking forward to sharing valuable time together with Suzuki Teacher Trainers from around the world. In addition, on the 17th we will conduct a memorial tour to Dr. Suzuki's gravesite and the Suzuki Memorial Museum. Please extend your stay and enjoy another invaluable experience.
Teacher Trainers Convention Pictures and Video

Photographs and videos taken at 3rd International Suzuki Teacher Trainer Convention will be published in the Talent Education Research Institute's "Journal," "News Letter," and official website. Therefore, by participating in 3rd International Suzuki Teacher Trainer Convention, you agree that all rights to the photographs and video recordings belong to the Talent Education Research Institute.